We Believe

Leadership is a tough job filled with demands, distractions and challenges.

We believe in people whom:

  • Are willing to help identify and solve these challenges, and contribute to doing things better
  • Are open minded and who want an organization that values mutual respect
  • Want to feel as though they are part of something with a vision and a strategy
  • Take a job with the intention of doing their best finding that they are demotivated by “the System or Culture”

We believe that people, processes, systems and organizations function effectively and in harmony via:

  • Leadership development
  • Training and Team Development
  • Professional and Organizational Development
  • Human factors/Ergonomics

The How

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients employing creating both the environment and framework to sort out challenges, concerns and issues, and then establish strategies and designs that produce real and achievable improvements individually and organizationally. This philosophy facilitates tangible change while institutionalizing cultural change.

The What

The Inner Circle
We know that living at the top of an organization is a lonely place to be.  Decisions impact employees, clients, customers, families, stockholders, and stakeholders.   Leadership is a difficult role, constantly requiring assessment/feedback, adjustment in style, methods and measures.  In addition, objective input prevents narcissism, builds and retains effectiveness and authenticity as a leader, and ensures ongoing support of those being lead.

The Inner Circle becomes your go to resource for objective, honest and candid insights in a safe and confidential environment.  We are available to you in the following contexts:

  • You can solicit our thoughts, assessments, and insights on issues you wish not to share with others in your organization, your Board or close colleagues.
  • We will respond as you wish and at the level of detail, you desire. We can be a sounding board or we can provide detailed contributions and tangible actionable plans.
  • If one of our individuals has a unique capability or experience you would like more input from, we can offer you individualized coaching, mentoring and/or assistance.

Human Performance Consulting
Human Performance is a way of talking about leadership.  People are the most important asset a company has.  Maximizing your people’s performance is the primary goal of a leader.  Anything less is reflected in the outcomes; productivity, financial performance, corporate culture.

When we refer to human performance we include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Training and Team Development
  • Professional Development

All three of these are essential to maximizing human performance, and all three span vertically and horizontally within the organization.  We have a breath of experience and knowledge in the areas of leadership development, teams, team training and building, as well as developing/grooming people within the organization for future leadership positions.

We have written extensively on these topics for over 35 years and applied our technical and leadership knowledge as well as our hands on leadership experience.  We urge you to review our index of newsletters for issues focusing on these topics.

Management Consulting
In concert with Human Performance, we work closely with leaders in areas of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Process Analysis
  • Quality, Productivity and Safety Analysis
  • Job and Functional Analysis


PO Box 535, Mystic, CT 06355

We are a select group of experienced professionals who have held a variety of positions in the business.

We have seen it all, and at this stage in our careers, we feel we can bring this depth of experience and knowledge to bear for business, industry and non-profit leaders.

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