The Inner Circle: Leadership Isolation – Another Perspective

We’ve been writing about leadership isolation, and the value of our Inner Circle. We believe one of the biggest leadership challenges to Executives and CEOs is getting honest, truthful, candid, objective, qualified inputs and feedback, in a safe, non-threatening environment, to help in sorting out issues, ideas and problems and strategies. We know this because we have been there and have helped those who are there now.

Living at the top of an organization is a lonely place to be. Decisions impact employees, clients, customers, families, stockholders, and stakeholders. Leadership is a difficult role, constantly requiring assessment/feedback, adjustment in style, methods and measures. In addition, objective input prevents narcissism, builds and retains effectiveness and authenticity as a leader, and ensures ongoing support of those being lead.

The article below contains more of a spiritual perspective, but it caught our eye because there are so many parallels to much of what we have written about. We thank Eric Geiger for his insights.

6 Reasons Why Isolated Leaders Are Dangerous Leaders
From LifeWay Leadership
by Eric Geiger

An isolated leader is a dangerous leader. The sting of criticism, the burden of the responsibilities, and the pace of leadership can nudge a leader towards isolation, but every step towards isolation is a step towards danger. Sadly, many leaders move towards isolation. They have taken the cliché “it’s lonely at the top” as justification to remove themselves from people. Though there is truth in the cliché, it must not be used to practice unwise and ungodly leadership.

Here are six reasons isolated leaders are dangerous.

  1. Isolated leaders don’t receive care and encouragement.
    Leading is continually challenging, and leaders who don’t receive care and encouragement are in a dangerous position. But isolation makes it impossible to receive care from others.
  2. Isolated leaders don’t receive necessary confrontation.
    Because no one leader is perfect, every leader needs confrontation at times. An isolated leader removes himself/herself from those opportunities by only being surrounded with people who are unwilling to confront, which means spiritual maturation and growth will suffer. And a ministry leader who is not growing in godliness is dangerous. Healthy ministries are led by healthy ministry leaders.
  3. Isolated leaders make foolish decisions.
    The writer of Proverbs reminds us that plans fail for lack of counsel (Proverbs 15:22). An isolated leader won’t gain the perspective necessary to lead well.
  4. Isolated leaders don’t learn effectively.
    Leaders must continually learn, and leaders who are isolated greatly limit their learning, thus greatly limiting their effectiveness.
  5. Isolated leaders are divorced from reality.
    Isolated leaders are divorced from the reality of their context, so they lead in ways that are out of sync with reality.
  6. Isolated leaders are removed from the people they lead.
    Leaders are responsible for the people they lead, are responsible to serve and love them well. But an isolated leader can’t love and lead well, thus the people won’t receive the care they need.

In conclusion, The Inner Circle at Macris Group understands the importance of affording executives and senior managers a safe and confidential environment for objective, honest and candid insights. We are available in the following contexts:

  • To solicit our thoughts, assessments, and insights on issues you wish not to share with others in your organization, your Board or close colleagues.
  • We will respond as you wish and at the level of detail you desire. We can be a sounding board or we can provide detailed contributions and tangible actionable plans.
  • If one of our individuals has a unique capability or experience you would like more input from, we can offer you individualized coaching, mentoring and/or assistance.

We are a select group of experienced professionals who have held a variety of positions in the business.

We have seen it all, and at this stage in our careers, we feel we can bring this depth of experience and knowledge to bear for business, industry and non-profit leaders.

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